Media - News | Oct 03, 2019

The B-2 Bomber Has More Firepower Than an Aircraft Carrier

“The B-2 is one of the most game-changing aircraft ever built…and one of the most cost-effective. One B-2 can deliver the punch of an entire aircraft carrier air wing at several orders of magnitude less in operating cost and personnel,” Deptula said. When B-2 stealth bombers attacked Serbia on the opening night of Operation Allied […]
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Media - News | Oct 01, 2019

What is a Modern Integrated Air Defense System?

Air defense, long neglected in the low-threat air campaigns that dominated the past 18 years of combat operations, is again at the fore of defense planning. The June 2019 shootdown of a US Navy RQ-4A high-altitude remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) variant flying over the Persian Gulf by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard forces raised tensions significantly between […]
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Media - News | Sep 27, 2019

Spacecom Built for Today’s Strategic Environment

Spacecom’s earlier incarnation started in 1985, when the United States was still involved in the Cold War. In 2002, it was shuttered and folded into U.S. Strategic Command. During a presentation in Washington today sponsored by the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, Air Force Gen. John W. Raymond, the Spacecom commander, explained some of the […]
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Media - News | Sep 19, 2019

General says the US Air Force needs a lot more bombers to stand up to China and Russia

A US Air Force general said this week that the US needs a lot more bombers if it is going to stand up to great power rivals like China and Russia. Speaking at the Air Force Association’s Air-Space and Cyber Conference, Gen. Timothy Ray, an Air Force four-star who heads Global Strike Command, said that […]
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Media - News | Sep 17, 2019

NEWS FROM ASC: Global Strike Command to Prepare New Force Development Concept

Air Force Global Strike Command will help modernize the Pentagon’s nuclear command-and-control architecture by creating a new force development concept, according to a senior official. The Pentagon is concerned that peer adversaries such as China and Russia could put today’s systems at risk with anti-satellite weapons, electronic warfare tools and other capabilities.
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