Media - News | Jun 24, 2019

Hill’s F-35s Working Closely with Allies During European Deployment

Although this is the Air Force’s second F-35 deployment to Europe, it’s the first time the fifth-generation fighters have intensely operated with partner nations and regularly forward deployed to new locations. The airmen and 12 jets from the 421st Fighter Squadron at Hill AFB, Utah, first deployed to Europe in late May as part of […]
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Media - News | Jun 10, 2019

Pentagon gets 8.8% discount in $34 billion F-35 jet deal

The U.S. Department of Defense has a “handshake” agreement with Lockheed Martin Co to cut 8.8 percent from the price of its latest order of F-35A fighter jet, shaving a year from the time frame in which each aircraft will cost less than $80 million, a Pentagon official said on Monday.
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News | May 02, 2019

Business Insider: The F-35 is about to get a lot more lethal in air-to-air combat — without losing its stealth

Lockheed Martin has developed a new weapons rack meant to give the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter a boost in firepower without sacrificing stealth, the defense contractor announced Wednesday.
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News | May 01, 2019

Fox News: Retired military leaders to lawmakers: Don’t ‘sacrifice funds’ for F-35 jets

More than 100 retired military leaders sent a letter to members of Congress on Tuesday urging them not to “sacrifice funds from the F-35 program,” adding that the F-35, the military’s newest fighter jet, is “essential to countering emerging threats.”
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News | Apr 01, 2019

Smithsonian Air & Space: F-35: What the Pilots Say

In my interviews with F-35 pilots, one word repeatedly came up: “survivability.” Surviving the Lockheed Martin F-35’s primary mission—to penetrate sophisticated enemy air defenses and find and disable threats—requires what the fifth-generation jet offers: stealth and a stunning array of passive and active sensors bringing information to the pilot. 
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